A value system for the production of nonwovens

„We rely on proCtec`s excellent industry know-how in the area of non-woven manufacturing. The control system we use has proven its value. We are inspired by the flexibility and the uncomplicated and timely service support. We look forward to a conituned and good cooperation in the years to come.“

The technical term is “non-woven textile fabrics”, but they are better known as “Fleece”. The definition of the material places the “Fleece” somewhere between
textiles and paper, between felt, foil and leather.

They boast all the advantages of natural materials as well as the possibilities of
modern fibre chemistry – endlessly versatile, and constantly appearing in new
variations, in a way that is hardly possible with other materials.

For nearly 50 years TWE has been developing customer and application-oriented solutions in this area, and set the benchmarks as a leading manufacturer: whether it`schemically, thermally or mechanically bonded, impregnated, coated, laminated, as a roll good or cut – the product range of TWE Dierdorf includes a huge diversity of products with defined material properties.

The extraordinary industry know-how along with ideas, impulses and innovations into technical solutions, has been characterizing the cooperation between TWE and proCtec for many years, and providing the basis for the success of this material with unlimited possibilities.