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Integrate processes intelligently

The Manufacturing Execution system for the optimization, simplification and standardisation of manufacturing processes.

Today’s modern production plants are based more and more on total integrated systems and solutions. Not the optimization of particular components and production islands, but the efficient interaction of all systems defines an integrated concept. The production environment is impaired however by high costs and lack of transparency over the entire added value chain.

This task is solvable only by vertical integration, i.e. with an optimized information flow from the enterprise to the production level and back, as well as the horizontal integration of existing IT-systems.


Transparent production processes - improved products - higher productivity

A sustainable production on high and reproducible quality level demands factory-wide collection, storing, analysis and preparation of production and quality data. As a link between the machine level and the commercial order management of the ERP level (i.e. SAP) proCMES takes over the detailed planning, controlling and feedback of order processing; the traceability over all process stages secures the quality of your products.

Modular developed and tailored to your requirements, the system provides for a sustained reduction of processing and delivery times, stock reduction, reduction of energy costs and environmental impacts as well as an accurate production to customer specification.


The advantages of proCMES

  • Transparency in the manufacturing
  • Optimized material flow, inventory reduction, minimization of stock movements
  • Reduction of lead time/processing time
  • Complete traceability of the products
  • Cost saving by optimal use of production resources
  • Avoidance of interfaces and data redundancies